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The Salvation Army furniture project Stirling

0pen : Monday – Friday 10.00 – 17.00

Sorry we no longer open on a Saturday


With a person centered approach, we are trying to meet the needs of the community through our restored & recycled furniture at affordable prices and free delivery within a set radius of the project, allowing people to by more and get better value for their money.

Team Members

Envoy William McMurray MBE

Commanding Officer 


Envoy Denise McMurray

Commanding Officer 



Manager, worked her way up to this position and has been with project from the beginning and has continued to grow.


Assist Manager, started here on a placement and showed his value and passion for book work and sales and became a team member.


Driver / Warehouse, was a volunteer for a few years and when we decided on employing a driver, so he came with his special skills.


We have a good selection of suites on show so come in and look around and try before you buy.

Dinning Tables

We have a nice selection of tables and chairs and the project so why not pop in and have a look around.


There are beds, drawers, wardrobes, bedside cabinets and many other items for your bedroom.

Partnership Working

Community Service 

We work in the community and so it is only right that we work with everybody in the community no matter where they are, we are there with hand to man heart to God.



We work with volunteers who want to make a difference in their community. We also work with those who want to gain skills for future employment.

Scottish Prison Service 

We are a person centered church and there to help all of those who have went through difficult times in life and have made mistakes, so we hope we can help them to change and put the past behind them.

 Special Skills

There are those who have special skills who come and work with us with knowledge on Addictions, Debt Advice, Employment and many others .

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Contact Information

Contact Information


If you are calling regards the Church, Bargain Stop Shop or other services provided by Stirling Salvation Army please call the:


01786 448923 


All other inquiries regarding furniture, deliveries or pick ups should be directed to the office below: 


Unit 4 3a Munro Road, 

Stirling, FK7 7UU 


01786 479262 


Stirling Salvation Army site 


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